Annapoorani Movie Review

It has been a long time since Nayanthara delivered a cracking lead ‘shero’ film as she used to do in the days of Aramm, Kolamaavu Kokila and Maya. But for her 75th film, she has chosen to do a unique and high-flying film in Annapoorani, which has worked out very well for her in totality.

Annapoorani is the story of an orthodox Brahmin girl who is the daughter of a man who cooks ‘prasadam’ at the temple in Srirangam. However, she wishes to move out of her house and become the country’s biggest and best chef. However, her social issues and background pull her back, and the film is about how she gets forward to achieve her dreams. Annapoorani has a very delicate plot that has lot of scope in it – but the film is not entirely perfect in its approach towards the topic. While Nilesh Krishnaa is very good in his sketching of the scenes where his protagonist climbs the ladder professionally, he gets his social morality half-baked. While the first half is really impressive as it gets all its points right with high moments coming in at regular intervals, the second half is a mix of problematic scenes, some good moments and some that could have been trimmed off.

However, one thing that peaks in the film is definitely Nayanthara’s performance. The actress has proven why she is the only pick for a role like this, as she carries it with so much elan and pride. While she is very good in the emotional sequences, she is even better in the scenes having a lot of dialogues.

Sathyaraj is not in his best form, but it is nice to see him having a good rapport with Nayanthara on screen. On the other hand, names such as Jai and Redin Kingsley are decent fits along with Achyuth Kumar.

Annapoorani is technically brilliant with superb camerawork by Sathyan Sooryan and Thaman’s music accompanying the proceedings well.

On the whole, Annapoorani is a very good return for Nayanthara, in a film that is likely to entertain family audiences despite the drawbacks and some poor sensibility shots in the second half.

Annapoorani Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5