Thrillers set inside the forest are interesting when seen from an aerial view, mainly because of the setting and the naturally scary habitat that the film is set in. Director Dhanabalan’s Parunthaguthu Oor Kuruvi is a thriller that brings out an interesting plot, and backs it up with a eyebrow raising back story and action sequences.

Parundhagudhu Oor Kuruvi brings us the story of what happens when two individuals in Aadhi (Nishanth Russo) and Maaran (Vivek Prasanna) are brought together in an unlikely situation in the middle of the forest. While Aadhi is a petty thief who is brought in to show the forest route to the local cop, Maaran has been on the run from a group of killers who want to take him down. With the both of them unexpectedly being handcuffed to each other by the cop, they are forced to run together in the forest, narrating their stories to each other. And that’s where Aadhi decides that it is better to fight back than run away, and that leads him to find out a big surprise from Maaran’s side.

Parunthaaguthu Oor Kuruvi has an interesting plot in hand, but Dhanabalan’s narration is one-toned and does not have big wow moments. The film however manages to engage the viewer and keeps it rolling with action sequences at every turn, set within the forest. Nishanth Russo does a fine job but Vivek Prasanna is not able to convince the viewers that he is playing the husband of a stylish actress (Gayathri).

The technical factors are neat, and there are some good stretches with the BGM too.

On the whole, Parundhaaguthu Oor Kuruvi is a watchable action thriller that brings us a speedy ride through the forest.  Parundhaaguthu Oor Kuruvi Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A watchable action thriller!