Sardar Movie Review

The third film for Karthi within the space of 3 months is here, and we have Sardar – the third directorial from PS Mithran. Coming from Hero, this is a half comeback of sorts for Mithran, who is able to present an engaging thriller despite giving way to dull moments and a generic format.

The film tells us the story of Vijay Prakash, a publicity hungry cop who comes across a series of incidents that make him dive deeper into the case and unveil the secrets behind the story of Sardar – a spy who is under the carpet for 32 years. The film has a first half filled with facts and figures as Mithran overloads his screenplay with details which sometimes are useful to the story and sometimes not. The film picks up big time as we approach the interval point as the character of Sardar is unveiled in a smashing and exciting fashion. The second half is carried forward in a generic manner with some intelligent sequences coming together, but the climax feels jaded as there is not much to cheer about. Nevertheless, Sardar is compelling on the whole as a decent entertainer that will not go down as a disappointing film.

Karthi delivers a very good performance in both the roles – it’s nice to see him down the part of the elderly man and he does it with a lot of style and excels in the action scenes. There is something to like in the way he carries himself in the commercial sides of the film.

On the other hand, the little kid Rithu has done better than all the other support artists of the film, who have good roles to play but are happy being limited to fine performances.

Sardar has really good cinematography by George C Williams who does a fabulous job as always. GV Prakash makes it count with the background score which is impressive, the songs could’ve been way better.

On the whole, Sardar is an engaging and entertaining film that does not promise too much but does not disappoint either. Karthi scores 3 in a row!  Sardar Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Sardar Movie Review Rating: 3/5