Vaaitha Movie Review

Vaaitha is the latest movie on the block to speak about caste disparities in the society and the way in which people from the privileged community take advantages even when they are on the wrong side of things.

The film showcases the incidents that take place in the life of Appusamy and his son Pugazh, after Appusamy is hit by a car driven by a high-handed politician. As things don’t go their way even after repeated advices given by local politicians in the area, they decide to go to the court to find their victory. The film constantly reminds us of the opportunistic mindset and the caste issues that are prevalent in the society.

Mahivarman ensures that his film’s first half is busy with the establishment of the characters in the background, even though it does not happen at the right pace. There are more unnecessary scenes than required, and the film plods along until it moves into the court fully. With the introduction of Nasser’s character, the film makes us feel that it is about to turn towards a serious legal drama, but the end result is something different and it may not work with one and all.

Vaaitha has a decent amount of work put into it in the technical departments, with the cinematography and music turning out to be better than expected in few particular sequences like the climax.

On the whole, Vaaitha is a watchable film that shines due to the way in which caste politics are portrayed in it, but there could have been a lot more in the proceedings.  Vaaitha Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: An engaging court drama driven by fine ideals.