Hostel Movie Review

Horror comedies are monthly sale offers in Tamil cinema, and Hostel is the latest to join the list. The film which starts off in the comic genre has loads of instances where there is a load of comedy to help the audiences tickle their funny bone.

Hostel has a simple plot where Adirshtalakshmi (Priya Bhavani Shankar) who wants to get into a hostel which is just packed with boys from top to bottom. The reason why she wants to get into the hostel forms the crux of the film and that is where Ashok Selvan and his friends come in as characters who help her in the process and get the job done for her. Each one of the characters in the film have something different to them as a characterization. But the overall point is on about how they all have some sort of a double meaning entendre to their daily life. The supporting cast of the film, which include Nasser, Muneeshkanth, Sathish and the others come together as a group of men who help the comic sequences in the film, whether they are good or bad. Sometimes some of the jokes do not land well. But for the college goers this might be a relatable film that they will enjoy in parts.

Ashok Selvan delivers a neat performance though he is not in complete ease when it comes to his comic timing. Sathish offers good support but it is Priya Bhavani Shankar who is the best fit to the film, carrying off a good performance. The rest of the actors have fine presences in the film but there is not much to say about their acting chops.

The production value of Hostel is quite weak at parts as the hostel feels like a set and nothing more. The music by Bobo Shashi is a fine fit as there are a couple of good numbers.

Overall, Hostel is a decent entertainer that can be enjoyed by the youth. The rest of the audiences might find this a bit off due to the lack of entertainment or the double meaning jokes.  Hostel Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A jolly entertainer for the youth