Poikkal Kuthirai Movie Review

Santhosh P Jayakumar, who started off by making A-rated films then went on to try a family entertainer in Ghajinikanth and has now come in with an action thriller in Poikkal Kuthirai. Interestingly, the film has Prabhu Deva’s character having just one leg and is the x-factor of the proceedings.

Santhosh’s film starts off with the usual hero introduction number, and then moves onto the next part which is the storyline where PD’s daughter needs a big sum of money to get her surgery done. As the hero goes through a wrong choice to get the money, the film takes us through a ride packed with twists and turns all round.

Santhosh P Jayakumar has made it a point that his film should have enough surprises in it and should not follow the usual route in the second half. However, some of the events in the film are not cohesive and have wild moments in them. There is an element of interest that is successfully carried through the film, and that’s how Poikkal Kuthirai makes itself a watchable outing on the whole.

Prabhu Deva once again does a very good job in the lead role, and the one-legged act is special right from the first song. The film has good shows from both Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and John Kokken, but there is little to do for both Raiza and Prakash Raj.

Imman’s music is decent, and the other technicalities are about par.

On the whole, Poikkal Kuthirai is a watchable action thriller with the one-legged act being special.

Verdict: Prabhu Deva does a fine job in this likable action thriller!