The Legend Movie Review

The over-hyped ‘The Legend’ has finally arrived in cinemas, in multiple languages. The film has Saravanan in the lead role, in his film debut. It has been directed by the acclaimed ad filmmaker duo JD – Jerry. The film has Saravanan playing the role of a brilliant scientist who strives hard to find a permanent cure for diabetes. The world’s medical mafia is his opposition; Suman leads the list of villains.

The directors have tried to position Saravanan on the lines of MGR and Rajinikanth, as a do-gooder mass messiah. The lesser that’s said about Saravanan, the better it is! Though his confidence and ambition to be a mass hero in his very first film is remarkable, the man clearly isn’t made for the big screen. He can stick to his glossy ads for his ‘Legend Saravana Stores’!

The film follows every cliche and template that’s part of mainstream commercial cinema. There’s nothing new about its story and treatment, whatsoever! There are a few twists in the end with a couple of characters, which one can smell at the beginning of the film itself. It’s nice to see Late Vivek on the big screen again; it’s a very silly comedy role though. There are a plethora of other known actors surrounding Saravanan, such as Nasser, Prabhu, Vijayakumar, Yogi Babu, Singampuli, Muneeshkanth to name a few. There are two heroines with their share of duet songs alongside Saravanan!

Harris Jayaraj has done a good job with the song tunes and the background score; it is in the trademark Harris zone! Had the same tunes been a part of even a reasonable film, their reach would’ve been far far better.

Verdict: Watch it at your own risk. Strictly Avoidable!