Vezham Movie Review

Ashok Selvan has been picking interesting scripts off late with very good consistency, and his latest film in Vezham is no different. The film does come with its flaws but keeps the ball rolling with many twists coming together in the second half.

Vezham starts with Ashok (Ashok Selvan) and Leena (Ishwarya Menon) having their couple outing hammered by an interruption, where Ishwarya is murdered. Years later, Ashok still looks for the killer whose voice is the only thing he has in mind. Whether Ashok goes on the capture the mystery behind the murder is what the film is all about.

Debutant director Sandeep Shyam gets all his aesthetics right – the point about setting the film in Coimbatore and Ooty, his technical team who add a lot of visual finesse to the film, and also his plot line which is interesting. However, the director is not able to drive up any exciting moments in the screenplay, as the film moves ahead in a grim fashion until the final 40-minute stretch where all the reveals are put up together. The abundance of twists in the second half are not entirely genuine, and some of them feel contrived.

Ashok Selvan delivers another strong performance in the lead role, proving his mettle in a moody thriller like this. The film has lots of places for him to score as an actor, and the tone that he maintains throughout has been superb. Ishwarya Menon has fine role to play and does well, and so is Janani who fits into the role nicely.

The music by Jhanu Chanthar is extremely well done in the first half, but somehow loses steam in the second. The cinematography and the editing in the film are impressive too, along with the art direction.

On the whole, Vezham is a good mystery thriller that lacks wow moments but is still engaging for most parts. Vezham Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Vezham Movie Review Rating: 3/5