Pattampoochi Movie Review

Sundar C and Jai starrer Pattampoochi is a serial killer thriller that has director Badri Narayanan at the helm. The film is set in a period zone of the late 1980s, and focuses on the faceoff between a troubled cop and a ruthless killer.

Sudhakar (Jai) is a psychopath killer who reveals that he has been wrongly imprisoned for a murder he has not done, but in return, he has committed many other murders for which he was not nabbed. The series of events puts Kumaran (Sundar C) in the mix, and the cop goes onto find further details about what really happened.

Pattampoochi fully justifies its A certificate by having a lot of blood and gore onscreen, and the serial killer template is exercised using lots of tropes and cliches associated with the genre. While some of the sequences turn out to be interesting, most of the film is dull and old-fashioned. There are a lot of opportunities for the makers to pump in some good reveals and the likes, but the basic, straightforward narrative does not have much to cheer for.

Jai brings in a very good performance in the film, playing the negative role of the psychopath to a good extent. After his comic-filled roles, it is quite nice to see him play a different character here. Sundar C is at his usual in the film, and Honey Rose offers good support.

Technically, Pattampoochi does not have much in it except for some elements to prove the 1980s time period.

On the whole, the film is a fair watch for those who like serial killer thrillers on the same note, but beware of the blood and gore. Pattampoochi Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A basic and straightforward serial killer thriller.