Tamil Film Producer Council’s strike against QUBE and theatre owners, which started on the 1st of March, has finally been called off. The decision was taken after a meeting with the ministers from Tamil Nadu government, Theatre Exhibitors Association, distributors and FEFSI members.

TFPC chief Vishal met the press after the meeting and said, „Tamil Nadu government has ordered all the theatres to go fully transparent from June 1st, as per our request. The formal Government order will be passed to the theatres soon. Ticket rates will become flexible going forward, depending on the scale of the film. Each film’s ticket price will be decided, as per the film’s value and scale

TFPC has decided to start a new ticketing website, where a maximum of just 4 rupees will be charged for online booking. Mastering will also be done at TFPC. QUBE’s E-cinema rates have come down by 50 percent. There has been a flat reduction in the VPF rates“.

On the resuming of film shootings, and release dates of new films, Vishal said that the decision will be taken today, and it will be officially announced.