Women from Kollywood have come together to form an independent organization called South Indian Film Women’s Association, keeping in mind the welfare of junior artistes and assistant technicians from the twenty-four departments of cinema. The association will be officially launched on May 1, at RKV Studios, Chennai by PC Sreeram and another thirty celebrities from the industry.

Headed by Vaishali Subramanian, a former assistant of cinematographer Fowzia Fathima, this first-ever all women’s organization of Tamil film industry not only intends to fight for the rights of female artistes and technicians, but also aims to fetch opportunities for the deserving and equip them with the latest technology.

Vaishali elaborates on the need of such an association, „Cinema has become a tough industry to survive in. Men have a stronger networking system and they get to know about opportunities. They simply gather, say at a teashop, to discuss these things. But women don’t have such provisions, and unfortunately many get taken advantage of sexually in looking for a chance in films. So, we’ve planned to establish a separate bureau to keep track of opportunities in new films and pass on this information to the ones in need.“