Goli Soda 2 Movie Review

Cast: Bharath Seeni, Esakki Bharath, Siva, Samuthirakani, Gautham Menon, Rohini, Subiksha, Krisha Kurup, Rakshita, Chemban Jose & others

Music: Achu Rajamani

Editing: Deepak

Stunts: Supreme Sundar

Art Direction: Janardhanan 

Cinematography, Written & Directed by: SD.Vijay Milton

Produced by: Rough Note Productions

Release Date: 14-06-2018

Run Time: 02:10:00

After the stupendous reactions to the first installment, Vijay Milton is back with Goli Soda 2, a film which follows the same pattern and idealogy of the 2014 release. Though the film is not an exact sequel, the character representation and the framework remain the same.

Samudhrakani starts off the film with Gautham Menon opposite him, beginning to narrate the events that take place in the lives of 3 common men who do their best to work their way up in life. The film takes its own time to introduce and establish the characters which is important in a space with lesser known actors, to bring in the connect. With the conflict introduced at the interval mark, things are set for a riveting second half.

After the break, Vijay Milton takes another ten minutes to start what the wait was actually for – the action. It all begins with a poke and escape scene at a political meeting, where the three leads come together and kickstart the adrenaline rush. From there on, it’s a story of redemption for the men who have been troubled and tested.

Now, what works in Goli Soda is the intensity. Milton successfully lands his scenes with his underdog protagonists and the upper handed antagonists nicely, he places and presents the proceedings in a way that’s easy to understand. His action scenes are the x-factor, and with the pulsating BGM, the excitement arrives easily. Where it doesn’t click is the casting, where the connect that we have with the leads goes off in places. The film therefore suffers from some inconsistency, but however salvages itself with some riveting fights towards the end.

Above all the heroes in the film, the works of Supreme Sundar and Achu Rajamani need to be appreciated. They are undoubtedly the pillars of the film and take it higher than it’s actual value. Next up come there dialogues of Vijay Milton and Samudhrakani’s act – which are essential assets to the end product.

Overall, Goli Soda 2 comes off as a good action entertainer where Vijay Milton succeeds once again in telling a story with lesser known artists. It is not perfect in it’s organization, but it is engaging nevertheless.

Goli Soda 2 Movie Review Rating: 3/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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