Sketch Movie Review

Cast: Vikram, Tamanna, Soori, Radharavi, Vela Ramamoorthy, RK Suresh, Sriman & others

Cinematography: Sukumar

Music: Thaman

Editing: Anthony

Stunts: Ravi Varma, Supreme Sundar

Written & Directed by: Vijay Chander

Release Date: 12-01-2018

Run Time: 02:18:00

Vijay Chander, who made a rather lacklustre debut with Vaalu, somewhat makes better use of his second chance with Vikram’s Sketch. Taking a well-known route, the director has tried his best to concoct a mass entertainer that celebrates it’s star and gives him the best parts.

And such a film, is a cakewalk for Vikram, who effortlessly takes himself through. It’s been quite a while since the actor has done something this simple, and he has happily freed his arms and taken over in full. The action blocks are where the film brightens up, and Vijay has taken the stage to show off what he does best in those portions. Though the romance is a definite worry and comedy works out only occasionally, Sketch is a watchable fare that is not as bad when compared to Vikram’s other weak choices in the recent past.

Mynaa Sukumar’s camerawork is terrific, especially in the fight sequences where the slow motion comes into great use. He’s also thrown in a lot of color and extras into his frame, making it look real nice. Editing has been sleek, even though the director should have cut off about 15 minutes of unnecessary portions to ensure a smooth viewing.

Thaman’s background score is the backbone of Sketch, and his rousing cues rock the scene and bring up Vikram’s larks, elevating the effect. His melodies do not always fit into the film, but nevertheless, the composer has a good outing with the album of Sketch.

Vijay Chander may not have completely hit it out of the park in Sketch, but along with Vikram’s style and mannerisms, the sparks are visible. The film joins the guilty pleasure bandwagon, something you should end up watching when you have two hours in hand.

Sketch Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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